Landis Hall is an air-conditioned home for
405 men and women. Landis and Gilchrist are home to the Honors Community. The Honors Community provides special activities and a supportive environment for highly motivated students who have been accepted into the University Honors Program. Participation in this program is based on acceptance of an invitation extended by the University Honors Program. If you would like to contact the program, you can call 850/644-1841.

Honors students who choose the Honors Community should understand that non-honors roommates cannot be requested. Honors students must indicate Landis or Gilchrist as their first preference on their application in order to receive a priority assignment to these facilities. Honors students may waive their priority assignment to these facilities by indicating other halls as first preferences on the application. All resident rooms are equipped with movable beds, closets, dresser space, desks with chairs and a small refrigerator. Since the building is a traditional corridor style facility, community bathrooms are offered in the building.

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